Saturday, 24 June 2017

Editing WhatsApp Message

First thing, It's not really a vulnerability or something. It's like tricking WhatsApp sandbox environment. But I will still recommend to use it for educational purpose only and any illegal use of the tool is not my responsibility.

Proof of Concept video first!

Looks cool, right?
You can download the tool and script I created which automates all the process, from here:

What you need to run the script ?
1. Android device with WhatsApp Installed :p
2. adb.exe should be in path
3. Developer Option should be enabled
4. Python3

How it works?
1. Install WhatsApp with API level < 21.
2. Get the WhatsApp backup
3. Decompress and extract mgstore.db
4. Edit the database file
5. Compress and Pack database file again into android backup file
6. Restore the backup

PS. Kudos to my friend Garvit. but wait I don't have permission from him to post this video :p Please hope he don't kill me for this xD

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