Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Craziest thing I did as a freelancer?

Craziest thing I did as a freelancer? I rejected my placement offer to join the other company.

Long story: Back in my last semester of college I was contacted by a guy from US who was CEO of a storage device startup. He wanted me to develop a compiler for their in-house built micro-controller. I was new to freelancing, but work was too amazing to say no. I accepted it. Thus the contract was made and both parties agreed on work to be delivered. It was somewhere around 15-20 weeks contract. I had ton of work to do so I started.

Thing was going smother than I was expecting, as the guy was very friendly and always clear on the requirements. Obviously, there was some issues with working in 12 hr difference in timezone but it all worked out.

I completed the compiler code, tested it and finally delivered on time. Their engineering team completed testing and as I was expecting, I passed all the requirements / tests which they were expecting. Their team liked my work a lot and I received a ton of appreciation. Things couldn't be better. Finally payment was made and contract was ended.

So what could possibly go wrong? Well a second contract was made just in case some issue happens in the compiler in future then I will have to be available to fix it. That's totally fine, as duration of that contract wasn't that long. we all agreed.

One day I was randomly playing around with compiler and ran few tests. Guess what? It crashed badly with no sign of easy patch to fix it. I did a mistake while developing parser. There was no easy fix; even though it isn't easy to hit that case but there is no workaround too fix it. I wasn't sure what should I do. Should I report it immediately? I wasn't sure, I tried working on it, but it was taking too much time to fix it. I didn't had that much time. Contract was about to end, I was soon going to join a company after my finals in college. I have to prepare for the finals too >.<

On the other hand, my contractor was so happy from my work that he wanted to hire me and work on some other projects. Why hire? because I wouldn't be available as a freelancer after joining the other company. I wasn't sure that time, if I want to leave my current offer to join this company. On the other hand I knew there was a major bug in the code that I have to fix, I can't leave it hanging and wait until it becomes a big issue. Oh! I forget to tell that my joining date to other company was in less than 3 weeks.

I still thought I can pull off the work in 3 weeks and deliver the patch; And on the other hand my contractor wanted to hire me at any cost. You can't make a decision in pressure right? He might have guessed that, he asked me to meet visit Bangalore office. I flew to Bangalore on the other day and visited company's office to talk to engineering team. That was one hell of impressive trip! I have never seen people so passionate about the work they are doing.

And so, I happily accepted the offer and joined the company. First thing I did? Fixed the compiler, obviously. Since then I feel excited everyday to work on the things I have been assigned, It is simply amazing!

I ❤ coding!